Mission Statement

As a young woman I had no clue why I was here, what I should do and what my purpose was for being here. It pained me to not know. Everyone seemed to know what they wanted, they studied and picked a profession. For some it is that simple. For me, it took years to find out.  A Mission can change and morph but I surely would have loved to have this simple formula, when I was searching.

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A mission statement is a powerful discovery to create the life you want to live based from an inner calling. It is difficult to live a meaningful life without knowing what one wants and where to direct your energy. I love this simple version of creating a mission statement. You might knew it all along but if it is put together in such a simple way, it can be a great help sailing into a life filled with purpose.

Please answer the questions when you click on the mission statement form and once I receive your answers I will return your mission statement.

You can print it out and remind yourself. 

Relaxation Meditation

I was laying in bed my baby in my arms, wishing it would go to sleep. Nothing seemed to work and my frustration grew. At one point I became aware of my tense self and I started to make an effort to relax my body and me. Through a certain type of self talk and a certain breath, I relaxed my body and mind, calmed my emotions and the side effect of my relaxed energy: my baby fell asleep.

My gift to you: There is nothing more important than to be relaxed. Here is my recording; it might put you into a deep relaxation. The trick is to not move the body at all, be in complete stillness! Becoming motionless and truly relaxing is such a great tool to cultivate.

The power of peace is inside of us. Sometimes such a simple technique can help harness it.

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