Light on Life Session                                                       

It might be a relationship situation, stress about time, money or too much emotional turmoil that you would like to shed some light on. You will experience more clarity and peace and be introduced to unique tools you can use on a day to day basis to improve your life now. Your intention will direct the session. Peace is possible.

Martina! Thank you for your time today! I was really happy to be able to have a positive productive session while also discussing things that can lead to so much pain and grief. I feel like you’ve really helped me see so much from such a beautiful perspective.
— S.J. Montreal

Soul Sanctuary Session

Your body and home is your temple for you to live in happiness and peace. I was gifted with an ability to sense a flow in a home that fosters a well being of a person. Creating beauty and peace is possible within and without.
We will set the intention starting with Meditation and gentle Yoga to create a pure day, with a fasting/cleansing/clearing approach.
We will design more flow within your self and your home to bringrenewed energy into you and your life. Inner and outer beauty is a direct reflection of the divine within each one of us and the universe we live in. Peace starts with the Self. One home at a time.

You brought my house to life - I am still dancing around in the beauty you left behind.
— Y.H., Sedona

Refined Living Series

Every individual has a unique road map to joy. This series is designed to immerse in getting clear what you want, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in your life. The 3 months committed investment into your self discovery will be designed for your particular needs. Finding your personal fulfillment, removing what is in the way and the tools to support you on your journey to a more refined and spiritual life experience, is the goal of these sessions.
Obstacles can be removed that hinder you from your success in moving forward to your desired life. Living from a place of a refined awareness of who you are and practicing new techniques will help you to express your inner gifts. You are Spirit in action creating the life you want and sometimes we are all in need of upgrading life.

I’m carrying you with me, Martina - those thoughts and issues that were revealed. Thanks! I’m remembering to ‘lift myself’ (that’s how it feels) toward love.
— J.P., California